*play {Song Title or URL}
This command will play a specific song in the voice channel you are currently in.
*search {Song Title}
This command will search for a specific song to play in the voice channel that you are currently in.
This command will pause the currently playing song.
This command will unpause the currently paused song.
This command will display the lyrics for the currently playing song.
If you have enough music in the queue, this command will shuffle the order of songs playing in the queue.
This command shows information about the currently playing song.
*skipto {Queue Number}
This command will skip to a specific number in the queue.
*playlist {Name or URL}
This command will queue up to 25 songs in a playlist (youtube or soundcloud.
This command lists all of the songs that are currently up playing next, along with their queue number.
*remove {Queue Number}
This command will remove a song from the queue.
*volume {1-10}
This command will set the volume of music playing from 1-10.
This command will skip the currently playing song.
This command will loop the currently playing song until turned off.
*bump {song number}
Move a song to the top of the queue. Usage: (Prefix)move

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Dylan James

Dylan James